Break New Ground XRDay

Break New Ground XRDay

What a ride!

We just returned from the beautiful Deutsche Telekom city of Bonn where we showcased our Snapdragon Spaces app Virtual Places to the visitors of the Break New Ground XRDay.

Over the past month we have tapped into the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces SDK to bring our applications to the Lenovo Thinkreality A3 device. We pushed the boundaries of what is possible today by creating a multi user, cloud anchored UltraSync’ed Mixed Reality experience.Break New Ground XRDay

Your solution is outstanding, team! Thank you for showcasing it and for bringing so much innovation on board. 🚀


We took our visitors on a journey to let them explore the world from a very new angle – and have fun in a casual gaming round of our galaxyinvaders game.

To let you see what our visitors experienced, we built a real time Spatial Observer view to stream the scene to a TV and let everyone take instant SpatialPhotos that where shared to all connected users instantaneously and floating in space at the very position the photo was taken moments earlier.

Thanks a lot to the amazing hubraum and Deutsche Telekom team for organizing this and making this day truly magical.